Life Sentence For Black Man Who Fatally Shot Officer During No-Knock Raid

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A jury sentenced a Black man to life in prison on Monday (Nov. 27) over the 2014 death of a Texas officer during a no-knock raid, per Fox 44.

Marvin Guy was found guilty of murder in connection to the killing of Killeen Police Detective Chuck Dinwiddie. Guy was on trial for capital murder, but the jury found him guilty of a lesser murder charge.

Guy’s life sentence stems from a May 2014 no-knock drug raid in which he claims he mistook an officer for an intruder. Police were conducting a no-knock warrant based on a tip that Guy was allegedly involved in cocaine deals.

During the raid, two officers attempted to breach Guy’s apartment with a battery ram before one of them accidentally detonated a stun grenade, according to reports. Guy claimed that the boom woke him up in the middle of the night, and he assumed criminals were trying to break into his home.

Guy opened fire on the officers, killing Dinwiddle.

During the trial, prosecutors alleged that Guy was aware that police were planning to raid his home and he was waiting to “ambush” them.

Guy’s defense attorney, Jon Evans, said his client had the right to defend himself.

“One man’s ambush is another man panicked, being scared his home is being broken into,” Evans said.

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