‘LHHATL’ star Mimi Faust’s girlfriend spills tea on their relationship

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“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Mimi Faust caused seismic quakes on the show when she revealed that she’s batting for the other team now. Jaws were agape nationwide when Faust, the former girlfriend of Stevie J and Nikko London, revealed that her new lover, Chris Gould, is actually a woman.
Gould is now spilling tea about how she and Faust first got together.
Faust ambushed her castmates when she brought Gould to the cast with a white party. At first thinking that Gould was a man, their wigs were blown back when  Faust stood in front of them with a microphone and called Chris to the stage and a woman walked up to her and hugged her.
In a new interview with Vh1, Gould, who is an Atlanta native working as a paralegal in the city, opens up about how she met Faust and had an almost instant connection with her.

Chris Gould
Chris Gould

“I met Mimi at a club through a mutual friend who had invited me out because Mimi had a booking. I was in her VIP and after the club was over, she pulled me to the side and she was just like, ‘I find you intriguing.’ I was like, ‘Oh, OK.’ They had an after- party at Mimi’s house and at the after-party, we just kept always separating, just me and her, in conversation. It was just us two, and it kinda went from there,” Gould said.
Gould said he was aware of Faust’s sex tape, but she shared that she decided to watch the infamous tape after she and Faust became a couple.
“I felt like I needed to see it because it was like the elephant in the room. I’m not going to lie to you, it was awkward,” Gould explained.
Despite her reservations in getting immersed in the reality show mess, Gould proceeded forward with the relationship.
“I definitely didn’t want to get involved with that stuff. I’ll tell you I had a very new perspective from it. At first, I just wanted to hit,” Gould said. “It kind of progressed from there. We had this connection, from the few years she spent in Atlanta as a child, we found out we grew up in the same apartment complex. You go in with one thought process and then you get to know somebody and then it kind of comes with the territory. But hell yeah, nobody wanted to deal with that craziness at all.”
Check out what she has to say about her run-in with Nikko London:

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