Let’s Eat: Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken

Dino Dean with Nita Tanner, owner of Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken

Folks can stew, boil, broil, braise, barbecue, grill or sauté chicken; however, fried chicken is, by far, the most popular preparation of the yardbird in America. Ever since Scottish immigrants introduced their tradition of deep frying chicken in fat to the American south, fried chicken has become a staple in American cuisine. There are numerous fried chicken franchises catering to the lovers of this southern classic, and everyone has their own spin on how to prepare it. Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken, located at 3343 North Broadway in the Lakeview East Community on Chicago’s North Side, is doing fried chicken the locals are raving about. Nita Tanner, Owner of Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken, has a menu that is a fried food lover’s dream.

Fried Chicken

Up first for sampling was Ms. T’s popular Southern Fried Chicken. Miss Coretta and I ordered dark meat. The crunch factor was definitely there – no soggy chicken skin here. The chicken was well seasoned – not overly so – allowing the chicken flavor to be at the forefront. The interior was moist and delicious, the final result a very traditional, old-school fried chicken that pays homage to an era of fried chicken that would make any grandma proud. With the fried chicken came Fried Corn on the cob. Corn cobbettes are deep fried and seasoned with seasoned salt and other seasonings, creating corn fit for a king. When you visit Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken, the fried corn is a must try.

For you catfish connoisseurs, Ms. T’s has an impressive Catfish Meal. Three huge fillets are dredged in seasoned cornmeal and fried to perfection. While eating this succulent fillet, a slow heat crept onto our palettes that only added an extra layer of enjoyment to our catfish experience at Ms. T’s. The fresh tartar sauce that accompanied the catfish was top-flight as well, with a pucker factor that made it the perfect condiment for superbly prepared fried catfish. We tried Fried Biscuits with our meal, and “good Lawdy” were they tasty. The biscuits were reminiscent of some good, old-fashioned Hungry Jacks, flaky and infused with butter and honey. This guilty pleasure had us wanting for more.

Chicken Sandwich

There are chicken sandwiches and then there is Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken’s chicken sandwich. Two huge chicken tenders are fried flawlessly, nestled in a fresh bun with house-made honey mustard sauce, olive oil infused mayonnaise, with fresh tomato and lettuce. This mammoth sandwich is a gut-buster, undeniably one of the better chicken sandwiches that we have eaten. We suggest having it cut in half, because this sandwich is meant to be shared.

Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken is in our Top-5 when it comes to fried chicken in Chicagoland. We tasted the love in every dish we sampled. We also recommend the Fried Crab, the yummy Hand Cut Fries, the Gizzards and any one of their spectacular desserts. We found the pecan pie to be exceptional, and deemed the house-made honey mustard sauce award worthy. So, make your way to Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken for food that is unpretentious and to the point. It is southern fried goodness prepared properly!

We rank restaurants based on number of kisses (one thru five). One…two…three…four, with five being the best. Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken receives 4 1/2 kisses. Check out the video of our review https://youtu.be/RVQL5bi0E_I

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