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The Black Foodies with Chef Royce, owner of Kiss My Dish

Musical genius Prince is credited with composing, arranging, producing, and playing every instrument on his debut album, For You. That being said, The Black Foodies were fortunate to cross paths with the Prince equivalent in the culinary world. Chef Royce, Owner of Kiss My Dish Soul Kitchen, located at 4542 IL-71 in Oswego, Illinois (about an hour west of Chicago), is a one-woman band in the kitchen. She is cranking out some delightfully delectable dishes, culinary wonders capable of making the house quake. So, girls and boys, get ready to be taken on an insatiable culinary ride.
Hot Collard Green Dip

For an appetizer, Kiss My Dish has a Hot Collard Green Dip served with house-made tortilla chips. Substituting collards for traditional spinach was no controversy at all and really put the soul in this dish. It arrived at our table piping hot, cheese still bubbling on top. A gooey four-cheese blend blanketed this creamy concoction, and it was so good it could have made doves cry! The dip was silky like cream and the collard greens in this uniquely innovative dip were simply delicious. The tortilla chips were fresh and crispy; so, just put some dip on a chip and let’s go crazy. This exceptional appetizer is in our ‘Top 10’ Tastiest Bites of 2018. https://youtu.be/WjReAURPuZk
Buffalo Shrimp

The Succulent Fried Buffalo Shrimp came out next, and we were so impressed that we just wanted to get off our butts and dance.  The presentation was stunning and the flavors in sync. The perfectly fried jumbo shrimp were doused in a spicy Buffalo sauce and topped with scallions and blue cheese crumbles. The flavors came together and clapped like thunder! The end result was a bite I want forever in my life.
Shrimp and Grits

Being lovers of the southern classic shrimp and grits, you know we had to sample  Chef Royce’s Signature Shrimp and Grits. The grits are topped with butterflied and deveined gulf jumbo shrimp, chicken or pork andouille sausage, sautéed mushrooms, scallions, and a butter white wine sauce. The grits were creamy and velvety smooth, while the chicken andouille sausage took us higher than the tallest mountains.  And, the shrimp were so fresh that we were immediately transported back to Biloxi, Mississippi.  The mushrooms added an extra meaty component, and the butter wine sauce tied everything together, making this a dish to adore.
Miss Coretta really enjoyed Kiss My Dish Soul Kitchen’s take on Chicken and Waffles, despite finding the savory chicken and sweet waffle combination a strange relationship with traditional chicken and waffles. She appreciated that the chicken and waffle came on two separate plates, allowing the diner to enjoy each bite separately or combining both, if so desired. A Belgian waffle was served with a side of hot honey maple syrup and butter, alongside three chicken wings with a sweet chili sauce.  She found the waffle to be well executed – crusty on the exterior, soft and fluffy on the inside, and the chicken wings were crunchy, moist and delicious.  Miss Coretta even ventured out of her comfort zone and had all of the flavor profiles in one bite, prompting a real wow moment for her.  The harmonious blend of flavors definitely gave her a renewed respect for chicken and waffles.
When there is a dish called World’s Best Baked Chicken on the menu, you know this is a dish that had to be tried. You’re given a half chicken smothered in onions and overloaded in deliciousness! The news of this baked chicken should travel around the world in a day. It was juicy and tender, with subtle citrus notes. We also tasted the warmness of cinnamon, giving the dish a Middle Eastern feel, as well.  And, when eaten with the sautéed onions, it was akin to a little slice of heaven.
We also suggest trying Chef Royce’s Mac and Cheese, Sweet Potatoes and Banana Pudding. And, having recommended Kiss My Dish Soul Kitchen to individuals we know, we can report that we have heard nothing but rave reviews. So, find a lady cabdriver or hop into your little red corvette and drive to Oswego and visit Chef Royce – “Her Royal Badness.”  Chef Royce, nothing compares to you!
We rank restaurants based on number of kisses (one thru five), with five being the best.  Kiss My Dish receives 5 kisses.  Check out the video of our review https://youtu.be/voa104593_o
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