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Everyone loves a good donut. Donuts have become a part of the fabric of American society. It is commonplace to find them at the office as sidekick to a hot cup of coffee or simply eaten as a tasty bite to satisfy sweet-tooth cravings on the ride home from work.  People brag about their favorite donuts, and serious debates can ensue about who has the best. 


The Black Foodies have discovered another contender to add to the ongoing conversation for best donut bragging rights. Devell and Lolita Brittmon, owners of  D&D’s Place Old-Fashioned Donuts, located at 8324 South Kedzie in Chicago, have generated a real buzz about their award-winning donuts.  They were trained in the art of making the sacred fried dough by the legendary Buritt Bulloch, Founder of Old Fashioned Donuts, rooted in the Roseland Community on Chicago’s far South Side.  The Brittmons have since tweaked Mr. Bulloch’s original recipe and have made it their own.  D&D’s Place Old-Fashioned Donuts are fried in a hot bath of vegetable oil and butter, which not only cooks them but adds flavor as well. The constant traffic of smiling faces moving in and out of D&D’s is proof positive of their rising popularity. 


Let’s begin with D&D’s Old-Fashioned Cake Donuts. These beauties are golden brown with a crisp exterior, perfect for the sweet glaze that clings to all the nooks and crannies. The interior is fluffy and buttery, the consistency much like that of a made-from-scratch buttermilk pound cake. These donuts just melt in your mouth and will have you craving for more.


The light and airy Yeast Donuts are the perfect blank canvas for D&D’s delicious toppings, which include house-made sweet caramel, chocolate, vanilla, lemonade and a host of fresh fruit glazes. We sampled several of their yeast donuts and our standouts were the chocolate, the caramel, and the blueberry. D&D’s house-made caramel is velvety smooth with a depth of flavor that lets us know at first bite their caramel is not store-bought. Their chocolate is prepared with real cocoa, its deep chocolate taste performing a delightful dance on our taste buds, while the blueberry glaze resembled a fresh blueberry compote in freshness and flavor.


We would be remiss in our report if we did not mention D&D’s Apple Fritters. We can say with unyielding certainty that we have NEVER had a better apple fritter. This gargantuan creation has large chunks of stewed apples throughout its luxurious dough, with the perfect amount of sugar and cinnamon.  This apple fritter definitely had us saying, “God is good!” It also comes with large, fresh pecans sprinkled on top.  A must try, for sure!  Once you indulge in the goodies at D&D’s, we are confident you will become a regular customer. 


Dino Dean of Black Foodies With Devell Brittmon

The Brittmons are a charming and dynamic duo who really know how to treat people right.  So, for some of the best donuts in the City of Chicago, make your way over to D&D’s Place Old-Fashioned Donuts – straight into donut heaven.  To see the full showcase on D&D’s Place, go to our YouTube channel and Subscribe https://youtu.be/_UUaEnLa-xE 



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