Lee Daniels’ Demand for Dismissal of Damon Dash’s $25 Million Lawsuit

Lee Daniels and Damon DashDamon Dash may have a good reason for filing his $25 million lawsuit against Lee Daniels, but Daniels wants to know the exact reason behind the legal drama.
TheJasmineBrand.com reports that Daniels filed a response to the suit on November 12. The response is the latest development concerning Dash’s lawsuit, which claims the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder invested millions in Daniels’ films. The first investment, according to the suit, was $2 million for “The Woodsman” in 2004. Dash claims he was never compensated for the investment by Daniels.
Dash continued to invest millions in other films made by Daniels, including “Precious,” “The Paperboy” and “The Butler.” The music mogul goes to mention that he was supposed to be repaid with the profits from the films, along with getting an executive producer credit on them. Court documents from Dash’s suit mention that he filed suit for $25 million in damages from Daniels when he didn’t receive the money nor the executive producer credit.
As for Daniels’ response, court documents note how the filmmaker explained that it’s interesting that Dash never mentioned in his lawsuit which contract Daniels breached.
Daniels reportedly said that the deal they made for “The Woodsman” specifically mentioned the risks of investing in a motion picture as well as many factors which could lead a film to not make a profit off the budget. In Daniels’ eyes, Dash’s complaint is too vague as he mentioned that he has no idea what agreements Dash is speaking about.
Daniels demands that unless Dash can clearly explain his allegations, Dash’s lawsuit should be dismissed. Court documents further state that if Dash files an updated complaint and it’s ill-found, Daniels will go after Dash for sanctions for filing a frivolous lawsuit against him
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