Lauryn Williams Becomes The 5th Person To Ever Receive A Summer & Winter Olympic Medal!

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Congrats are in order for track star-turned-bobsled champion, Lauryn Williams! She and her partner, Elana Meyers snagged the silver medal in the two-(wo)man bobsled in Sochi. Williams has become the fifth person ever to win a medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympics! Williams took home the gold as a track star on the U.S. relay team at the 2012 London Games.
“Lauryn is one of the most incredible athletes ever,” fellow teammate and bronze bobsled winner, Jamie Greubel said, “and we’re so lucky she decided to stick it out and give bobsled a try.” It’s obvious Williams is one of those athletic people who can try something once and be a genius at it. We all know someone like that. Williams’ athletic prowess is super impressive. In January, Williams went to Austria for the World Cup and took home her first bobsled gold medal! Talk about a natural!
Here’s a fun fact, Williams joins fellow Winter Olympics giant, Vonetta Flowers–another sprinter-turned-bobsledder who became the first Black Olympian to win a Winter Games medal. But the medals don’t matter to Williams, maybe it’s the strong feeling of pride that she values more. She tells Yahoo Sports, “It really is not about the medal for me. I don’t need something that I can hold in my hand.” Williams said her track gold medal is at her mother’s house, but she’s not sure where her silver medal is from the 100 meters at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Must be nice to be such a winner that the spoils don’t even phase you! Congrats Lauryn Williams!
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