LaToya Jackson ‘Startin’ Over’ With New Lawsuit From Screwed Album Investor


LaToya Jackson’s intent to come back with a new album is not what it seems, according to a man who’s bringing legal heat on the singer with accusations of Jackson screwing him out of $100,0000. reports that Kevin Fitzpatrick filed a federal lawsuit against Jackson and her manager Jeffre Phillips, accusing them of being untruthful about the $100,000 he invested into a LaToya Jackson comeback album when there was never any plan for the project.

In the suit, Fitzpatrick details an agreement he made with the pair in 2005 to invest $100k into the album, titled “Startin Over.“ The deal stated Fitzpatrick would recoup his money, then they would split the profits 50/50 from all sales.

From 2007-2014, Fitzpatrick claims that Phillips informed him he would be paying him $150,000, which was the $100,000 he invested and $50,000 from the profits made, the lawsuit further stated. Despite numerous demands, Fitzpatrick claims he hasn’t received single bit of money from Jackson or Phillips.

As a result, Fitzpatrick has filed suit for fraud, in light of him believing that none of his investment went into producing the album. Instead, he feels, the money was used for other things.

Fitzpatrick’s lawsuit accuses Jackson and Phillips of fraud, breach of contract and willfully screwing him out of his 100k. He is suing the duo to get his money back, in addition to punitive damages along with interest on his money.


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