Kim Kardashian fires back hard at critics of her nude photo. Again

The normally demure and sedate Kim Kardashian must be feeling some kind of way at how her critics stomped on her yesterday for posting yet another nude photo of herself. The mass mocking for her penchant for needing to show nudity obviously cut her deeply.
Even the obscure celeb Chloe Moretz from the “Kick Ass” series verbally spanked Kardashian:
After taking too many incoming fire from celebs and social media critics, Kardashian channeled her inner Kanye West and tore into several of her detractors, including TV game show host Piers Morgan, actress-singer Bette Midler and a popular supermodel as part of her prolonged Twitter rant.
Obviously Yeezy explosive, hair-trigger temper has influenced Kimmie Cakes to fight back – even when there is no reason to.
After flossing her edited nude phooto several celebs mocked her and denounced her for showing off her post-baby body, she came after them. Hard.
Take a look.
kim snaps
Ouch. In your face! Check out what else she had to say to her so-called celebrity “friends.”

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