Khloe Kardashian dumps James Harden for Lamar Odom

Just as boyfriend James Harden gave his blessing to remain at Lamar Odom’s side while he recovered from an overdose from drugs at a Nevada bunny ranch, Khloe Kardashian dumps the Houston Rockets NBA star to spend time with estranged husband Lamar Odom.
It appears that Odom is going to survive his near-death experience at the love ranch, but doctors warned that he has suffered permanent damage during the several strokes he suffered.
Now with Lamar discharged from the Vegas hospital that saved his life and heading to Los Angeles to continue his recovery, Khloe is reportedly ending her relationship with Harden.
Khloé Kardashian rode in the helicopter used to airlift Lamar to rehab in Southern Cal. There are some reports that he uttered that he her he loved her after regaining consciousness.

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