KeKe Palmer Gets Candid about Being Cinderella; Her Cell Phone Being Hacked

keke palmer,KeKe Palmer opened up to Essence — as she graces the January cover — about the pressure of becoming the first black Cinderella, but how she likes challenges.
“I know that the role of Cinderella is primarily for a Caucasian girl, but it didn’t stop me from going in and it didn’t stop them from seeing me,” she said.
She added, “there is a bit of intimidation. You think about Denzel, Viola Davis, and you think, Only great people can do Broadway. That was the scariest thing about it, but I’m the type who thrives on pressure…”
The 21-yr-old actress/talk show host not only got candid about her “Cinderella” role, but putting her career before dating or relationships.
“I realized that I’m a lot freer of a spirit. That was the beginning of me standing up for myself,” she said. “I would love to have somebody but this is such a great time in my life, in my career. I really am liking myself.”
But her conversation with Essence turned more personal when talking about how her cell phone was hacked and the nude photos that were released of her.
“People think they can just put their hands in everything and it’s like, No, no, no. The fact that so many celebrity pictures were out there and everybody is elating in the fact that they’re a Peeping Tom?” she said.
She added, “you’re all Peeping Toms. Everybody that’s commenting. In real life, if anybody went to somebody’s house and looked at them naked, they would go to jail…”
The January issue of Essence hit newsstands December 5th.


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