Kamala Harris Calls SCOTUS Rulings An ‘Attack’ On ‘Hard-Fought Freedoms’

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Vice President Kamala Harris is ready more than ever to continue our ancestors’ fight for civil rights.

Following the Supreme Court’s rulings to strike down the White House’s student debt relief plan, affirmative action in college admission, and a Colorado law that protected LGBTQ+ rights, Harris took the stage at the 2023 Essence Festival of Culture and addressed what she called an “attack” on our “hard-won and hard-fought freedoms.”

Coretta Scott King famously said that the fight for civil rights must be fought and won with each generation. We are that generation she spoke of,” the VP said onstage Friday (June 30) during her panel discussion. “So, fight we must.”

Harris later told NPR in her first interview after the court decisions, “This is a serious moment, and fundamental issues are at stake. And I do believe that there is a national movement afoot to attack hard-won and hard-fought freedoms.”

Last week, the Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority struck down President Biden’s $400 billion student debt forgiveness plan, ended Affirmative Action in college admissions, and ruled in favor of a website developer that refused to build websites for same-sex marriages.

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