K. Michelle slams Draya Michele for calling her ugly

Singer and reality star K. Michelle fired shots back at the stripper-turned-neglectful mother-turned-“Basketball Wives” cast member Draya Michele after Draya called her ugly on social media.
The two were guest on “BET Post” show, with K. Michelle’s eyes cutting daggers at Draya, while Draya put on the fake face that everything was okay between the two.
Draya Michele’s serpent soul was exposed by MudaSheWrote:
#Draya always coming out her face calling somebody names and now that #kmichelle is in her face she got that dumb stuck look smfh every woman is made differently some men might not find Draya attractive or pretty she makes it seem as if she is god gift to earth SMH Im not team anyone but right is right and wrong is wrong and I love the way K is so calm with it #MurdaReport #bloghive Cc @theindustryonblast #bet
K. Michelle followed up MudaSheWrote by confronting K. Michele’s dastardly and cowardly ways of taking verbal swings at people when that person is not there to swing back and comb her wig:
“I just know that you have tweeted some really mean things about me. And I don’t even know you. And I just remember everything and I know it was a little while ago but I just don’t forget that.

 I see you as a single mother, as a woman on VH1, and I see that you’re doing your thing with your swimwear and everything and that’s a great thing. But, you know, to kind of say things about me, you actually said that I wasn’t attractive.
… MudaSheWrote continued on the subject of Draya’s hideous ways:
Pt2 See here’s the thing I would of respected #Draya if she hit her with the #NeneLeaks I said wat I said but the fact that u copping the plea girl bye!!!!! Own up to the ish u talk that’s some coward shit apologize and keep it moving or if u feel u weren’t wrong Just say it #Murdareport #Bloghive Cc @theindustryonblast #kmichelle
… And K. Michelle finished off Draya before ceremoniously dropping the mic with this dart:
“And I really wish her the best with what she’s doing because I know it’s difficult to be a singler mother. And I’m sorry you don’t think I’m pretty enough but I actually like myself.”

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