John Amos Hospitalized, Suffering From ‘Elder Abuse’, Daughter Says

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Good Times star John Amos has reportedly spoken out after his daughter claimed he was hospitalized and suffering from “elder abuse.”

On Thursday (June 8), the actor’s daughter, Shannon Amos, said she received a distressing call from her father last month notifying her that he had been hospitalized in Memphis.

Shannon added that within the last weeks, her family has learned that John “Had fallen victim to elder abuse and financial exploitation.”

“His home had been violated, stripped of anything valuable,” Shannon said.

The daughter didn’t disclose exact details of what happened or who was involved besides an unidentified “caregiver.” She claimed that the family was working with the police and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations to seek justice.

Following the shocking revelation, John Amos told TMZ that his daughter’s account of his situation is false. Amos said no one is abusing him and he isn’t fighting for his life in the hospital, according to the outlet.

Shannon also created a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $500,000 to raise money for John’s care, legal fees, and aftercare. The Roots actor told the outlet that he has no idea why his daughter started the fundraiser.

Belinda Foster, a rep for John, did reveal that he was hospitalized due to fluid filling his lower body. Doctors were able to drain the fluid, and John is starting to feel back to his normal self, according to the rep.

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