JK Rowling blasts hater of Serena Williams after she won 2nd ‘Serena Slam’

Two megastar queens, JK Rowling and Serena Williams.
Two megastar queens, JK Rowling and Serena Williams.

Soon after tennis megastar Serena Williams won her sixth Wimbledon championship and 21st Grand Slam title overall on Saturday, July 11, she was feted with super platitudes from across the globe, including a congratulations from another megastar, novelist legend J.K. Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter books.
However, some troll hating on Serena caught Rowling’s attention and her ire, and she quickly honed in on that person and set him straight.
Rowling is an unabashed admirer of Serena and was irate that someone would try to dampen Serena’s historic win. Knowing that Serena, a soft spoken and gentle person off the court, would not defend herself against some insignificant person, took up for her friend after the troll said Serena was built like a man.
Rowling’s response was quick and deadly:
Twitterverse now have even more love for Rowling for sticking up for her superstar tennis friend and showered her with praise for shutting down that “idiot.” Take a look at Twitter loving on JK Rowling:

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