Jay Z’s Self-Proclaimed Side Chick Disrespects Beyonce in Diss Song (Photos)

Struggle rapper Liv has been declaring to all who would listen that she and Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z, have had sexual relations while Bey and Jay have been married.
Now, it looks like the naked opportunist is trying to parlay that notoriety into sudden fame with a diss song that fires shots at Queen Bey.
Entitled  “Sorry Mrs. Carter”, the track features the wanna-be rapper blatantly blasting Beyonce.
“You know what I was gonna respect you but since you crossed over into my lane, it’s time to check you,” says Liv.
“Your man he likes model chicks, he likes all naturally flawless model chicks like me. What up Jay?”
Really Liv?!?
While the formidable Bey Hive sharpen their stingers and zero in on Liv’s apparently empty dome, take a look at some of her photos below.
Photos: Instagram

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