Is There A Difference In Having Gay Or Straight Friends? Ask Dr. Karen!

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Dear Dr. Karen:
I have two friends Rob and Eric who I recently learned were in a gay relationship. Rob is saying the relationship is over and he doesn’t ever want to see Eric again But Eric wants to continue a friendship. Rob told me that he is not interested in remaining friends and wants a clean break. Rob is threatening to “out” Eric to his friends and family if he doesn’t leave him alone. I care about the both of them. I know both of their families and friends. None of them know that Eric is gay. He has kept his relationship with Rob and his lifestyle a secret. What can I do to help them? Or should I just step away from the whole thing
                                                                               Caught In The Middle
Dear Caught In The Middle:
Didn’t understand the necessity or the point of revealing that your two friends are gay. What difference does that make? Seems like you are more concerned about this new found information that they are gay than trying to help them remain friends. 
You answered your own question. Step away from the whole thing. This battle is not yours. Sounds like a whole lot of mess. Stay out of it!
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