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Dear Dr. Karen:
I am a 26-year-old escort, on and off since I was 14. My problem is that I have gotten myself into a lot of credit card debt. I can’t afford to stop escorting or I will lose everything. My other problem is that I have a tendency to get involved with men who are abusive and have substance abuse problems and I end up supporting them.
Recently I got involved with a man who treats me better than anyone has in a long time and the feeling is mutual. We want to settle down and even someday have kids. The problem is he’s out of jail on bail and is looking at doing about two years. We have talked about leaving the Country, but then I will be forced to keep escorting to support us. I want the house with the white picket fence and kids, but how can I get them if I’m an escort and he’s on the way to the big house?
                                                                               Repeat Offender
Dear Repeat Offender:
I can tell you are not a high-end escort; if you were you would have a solid savings account and be living well. But, you are in debt choosing to use your money to buy moments of happiness in relationships that are going nowhere. You are treating yourself like devalued currency and acting like you are not worth having a man that treats you with respect!
These men you have been with can never give you what you want or need. This is just another form of abuse you have chosen to accept. Once you feel you are a person of value, you will feel equal to a man of value, a man who truly cares for you and is self-supporting.
 Pay off your bills so you aren’t trapped by debt. Then think about the life you need to be living to attract the right man. Think about what you always wanted to be, and what it will take to get there. Your dream is worth working for. With patience and courage, it can happen.
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