Is Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown the Republicans New Target?

DorothyBrown0316The Cook County Board of Commissioners will hold their monthly board meeting this Wednesday but along with the agenda —there will be a new item of heightened interest presented by Commissioner Peter Silvestri.
The Republican Commissioner will present to the board new item 16-3142—the proposed resolution to petition the State legislation and the Governor to change the office of Cook County Circuit Court Clerk from an elected office to an appointed office one. The four-term Cook County Circuit Clerk, Dorothy Brown in March won the Democratic primary election by 48 percent over Alderman Michelle Harris and attorney Jacob Meister rocking the Cook County Democratic Party boat.
Proving that she could roll out without the endorsement of the old machine politics—Brown applied what she learned from the play book of ‘Chicago Politics 101’ and hit the streets.
Some insiders are not ‘shook’ from this latest maneuver from Cook County Republican public officials where they are tired of the lack of control and benefits that have yielded more jobs and positions for Democratic colleagues.

Cook County Board Commissioner, Peter Silvestri -9th District
Cook County Board Commissioner, Peter Silvestri -9th District

Since the Cook County Board of Commissioners are an administrative body that manage and regulate county business—this latest move would need Democratic support on both the county level and influence Springfield. This would require state legislation to be passed by a majority Democratic General Assembly—headed up by Speaker Michael Madigan.
As stated in the proposed resolution, the petition recommends the elected office will transition to an appointed position as an administrator by the judiciary with the advice and consent of the President and the Cook County Board of Commissioners, beginning at the end of the upcoming term on December 1, 2020.
Let’s see how far this goes—as far as a turtle in an Olympic marathon—I’m guessing.

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