Internet has fun at L.A. Clippers’ expense after epic collapse


HOUSTON — One of the most epic collapses in NBA playoffs history is barely a few hours old, yet social media users are hovering above the carcass that is the Los Angeles Clippers season like a pack of vultures, swooping in to rip open the Clippers and dig into their flesh.

The Clippers, led by NBA All-Stars Chris Paul III, Blake Griffin and Deondre Jordan, had amassed a commanding 3 games to 1 lead by blowing out the Rockets in all three wins, including game 1 when CP3 was on the bench nursing a hamstring.


No one thought the Rockets could even contest with the Clippers, much less come close to winning the series. Yet, as the clock ran out and the Rockets boasting a 113-100 decisive victory, the unthinkable manifested as the Rockets became only the ninth team to come back from a 3-1 deficit to win an NBA playoff series.

Social media was merciless and relentless in their scathing, brutal assessment of the Clippers performance the last three games. Take a look at some of the harshest and funniest memes about the Clippers collapse.



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