Insight From New York Fashion Week

During New York Fashion Week (NYFW), designers, fashion bloggers, photographers, social media influencers and celebrities accumulate to see what’s coming to stores this upcoming season– all while sporting the latest trends from this current season. Although it was very rainy weekend in NYC this year, NYFW brought out nothing but the best.
This season’s fashion week headquarters was Spring Studios located right at the tip of Soho, compared to last season’s NYFW at Skylight Clarkson venues and events space. Fashion show goers could experience booths and glam cams powered by the E! Network as well as view runway shows (if invited) in the gallery spaces. Many of the big name designers like Jeremy Scott, Raf Simons, Alexander Wang, etc showed off sight at invite only events.
Many local fashion designers were out this weekend to show off their designs at shows and on the streets of NYC including Chicago native and fashion designer Demi Black (Instagram: @mr__blvck_)  and fashion influencer Jelinda Smith ( Instagram: @shesafashionlover) pictured in the caution tape skirt and pants and “free meek” bag as a tribute to rapper Meek Millz, who is currently incarcerated for violating probation.
Some of the well-known designers were reported to have big interactive themed shows to showcase their fall collections. The Calvin Klein collection under the new creative direction of captain save-a-brand Raf Simons featured an entire floor filled with popcorn, and designer Philipp Plein turned an entire event space into a snowy robotic galaxy complete with UFO’s and a robot walking the runway.
Some seemed to criticize that fashion week is becoming more and more underrated; others say less designers are willing to even showcase at fashion week and public access is getting more limited while the invite only events are the most interactive and fun events; some critics even chose the adjective “boring” when talking about events during one of New York’s most coveted time periods.
I personally think that fashion week has become a social gathering for fashionistas (o’s). Many people come to New York, see shows and meet people who are aspiring designers, models, journalists and photographers. These artists get together and put together photoshoots, lookbooks, videos and other fashion related artwork to showcase on social media, print or other platforms in order to get to be one of the exclusive “invite only” guests or media at the next NYFW. I personally think that this is a cycle and tradition of fashion week that will never end, and it makes the week more fun. Normally most who attend plan the entire trip from head to toe. After that, most plan where they are going to go and what they are going to do, and lastly how to get as close to the main event as possible. Many call it an eye-opening experience whether you are lucky enough to see or work the shows or even just hang in the city streets networking and having fun. NYFW will never be boring or cliche to those who truly love fashion.
The week is truly a form of expression on the amateur and professional levels of fashion; after all, many models and famous bloggers get discovered on the web and on the street by photographers. Designers get lucky enough to get their product into the hands of a trendsetter like R&B artist SZA or rapper sensation Cardi B who believe in promoting young up and coming artists, and suddenly you are the next big thing in fashion. NYFW is where young artists come to try and make their dreams happen, and where the established and elite come to view the next pieces they are adding to their wardrobes.
Fashion is such a complex art form that has many components and it’s all shown at fashion week. There is truly nothing at an NYC fashion week that you cannot find — the hair and make-up crews cramming into a small space, dressers from fashion schools excited to work a runway show, PR firms setting their interns into place to check in media and guests, designers running rapid to fix a hem or stitch a model into a look, and of course models in hair and make-up preparing to get into an outfit. When you are backstage, it is always a feeling of the calm before the storm; right as the first cue begins, many people have their fingers crossed hoping everything goes as planned; the show proceeds as the designers walk out for the finale and the back of house all breathes a sigh of relief applauding the hard work of the designer. It’s a great sight and an adrenaline rush to someone who again enjoys fashion.
Next may come an after party at a club with really expensive drinks but you are literally arms length from a celebrity; you can see them dance, drink and have a good time. Music lovers have music festivals, comic book readers have comic cons and movie premieres, but us fashionistas (o’s) will always have NYFW.


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