Illinois Public Health Association Commends Illinois FY2024 Budget for Strengthening Certified Local Public Health Departments

The Illinois Public Health Association (IPHA) is delighted to announce the passage of the FY2024 budget by the General Assembly on May 27, which includes substantial increases in state funding for certified local health departments within the Illinois Department of Public Health. The budget, awaiting Governor Pritzker’s signature, demonstrates a commendable commitment to supporting public health initiatives. Notably, the Local Health Protection Grant funding is set to receive an additional $5 million, resulting in a total allocation of $25,098,500 for FY2024.

Local health departments play a pivotal role in safeguarding the well-being of Illinois communities on a daily basis. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded over the past three years, these departments faced unparalleled challenges while collaborating with healthcare partners to combat the crisis. The strain caused by the pandemic depleted local resources, led to significant turnover among frontline staff, and even compelled the untimely retirement of numerous local health department leaders throughout Illinois.

“We welcome the enhanced funding for the Local Health Protection Grant, as it ensures the continued provision of essential health services by Illinois’ 97 certified local health departments and reinforces our commitment to serving the most vulnerable populations,” stated Tom Hughes, Executive Director of the Illinois Public Health Association.

He further acknowledged the invaluable support from the Governor’s office and legislative leaders in securing an additional $5 million in funding, in addition to the initial $1 million increase proposed in the Governor’s budget. These augmented resources will empower local public health departments to fulfill their mandates of safeguarding public health, which encompasses ensuring access to safe water, disease control and prevention, maintaining food safety, and acting as vital agents of the State of Illinois in protecting our communities.

IPHA and its esteemed partners, namely the Illinois Association of Public Health Administrators, the Southern Illinois Public Health Consortium, and the Northern Illinois Public Health Consortium, are proud to stand behind these funding increases, recognizing their far-reaching impact in fortifying the efforts of local health departments. The IPHA remains committed to supporting their tireless dedication to public health and the well-being of all Illinois residents.

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