I love you Still

The beauty of growing old together as grey takes over our vision ,our heads, and our skin. We learn to see the true beauty in each other as we lie and watch the world turn.

I love you still

I loved her with her wrinkled skin her heavy sagging ass, and her breast that used to turn me on when they stood so high so firm. But now they sway around her belly like grandma’s used to do. But that’s alright I’ve lost my sight and they seem okay that way.
I love the way she looks at me long into the night, and I ask her what she sees in me and here comes the truth.
I see the man that I’ve always loved the man that makes me smile.
I see the man that fills my dreams It’s you I always wanted.
I see the man who looks at me and sees I’m not the same. But in his heart he loves me still although I’m not 16.
I see the man I hug all night the way we always have.
60 years gone by so fast, it’s been a dream come true.
I look at you head full of grey and think, who could ask for more.
I looked at her and felt all warm, damn it felt so good.
And then she looked down at me and laughed, honey you peed yourself again.

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