Hugs No Slugs Is Hosting The Fourth Annual Back To School Drive

 Englewood Barbie Is Rolling Out Red Carpet For Every Student To Celebrate The Start of A New School Year

Hugs No Slugs, an anti-violence campaign, hosts their fourth annual ‘Back To School’ Drive from 4 to 8 p.m. today, Sept. 25, at Bureau Bar, 724 W. Maxwell St.

The event’s aim is to gift students with school supplies and other amazing self-care services to get young scholars excited about the newschool year. The event is funded by Chicago residents with an overflow of donations in support of the children having a great time with one another.  Organizers are rolling out the red carpet for a fun-filled event filled with love and support from community members.  As they enter, students will be greeted and welcomed to walk the red carpet with endless photo opportunities. Students will enjoy food sponsored by the popular restaurant, Soul Shack, and access to an open juice bar to provide a fun experience for all. With an expected attendance of 250 guests, each student will receive book bags loaded with needed school supplies, free onsite teeth cleaning, hair cuts and styling, and free uniforms. There will be live music for the students to enjoy with special celebrity guest appearances.

Aleta Clark, coined as Englewood Barbie, founder of Hugs No Slugs, developed the initiative to promote nonviolence in underprivileged neighborhoods on the Chicago’s Southside. The foundation was created in light of the fatal shooting of Tyshawn Lee, the young nine year old victim of a targeted shooting; Clark desired a haven for the children of Englewood. As a resident, Clark continues to serve those in need. In order to finance the foundation, she sells “Hugs No Slugs” t-shirts to raise money to help those who are victims of violence and poverty. The Back To School drive is just one of many events that Clark creates to bring unity to the Englewood area. She has created Black History Month talent show, a Celebrity Basketball game, and other family oriented events. As the Back To School event gears up, Clark is giving each student the gift of pampering and fun while giving continuous support through the duration of the school year.

The annual event is to ensure that every child will have the confidence to be successful this school year. With bullying being an epidemic on our youth, Clark wanted to shift how children viewed themselves. By providing grooming and new supplies, it will negate the pressures of bullying and aid self-confidence for those who are not able to purchase these gifted services. Some students and families who missed previous opportunities to attend other back to school events, Clark wants every student to know “she got us!” She wants to ensure the parents of the students that she will provide the proper resources for their children to be prepared for school.

To donate, contact Aleta Clark via Instagram: @englewoodbarbie.



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