How to Not Gain Extra Weight this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving typically brings together family and friends, but it can also bring unwanted calories if you aren’t mentally and physically prepared to not overeat, said holistic nutritionist Coach Melody. The health and wellness expert started her own facility called Unwrap You Health and Wellness so that she could help those who are seeking guidance in getting fit and eating right.
She is also the author of “Ohhmazing Wellness: Shift Your Vision and Create the Healthy Lifestyle You Deserve.”  The expert has also worked as a pharmaceutical representative for more than 15 years. Her area of focus includes weight management, diabetes, asthma and more.
Coach Melody

On Thursday, the tantalizing aromas will attack you from every end of the house, but Coach Melody has some tips to help you stay strong.
First, it’s crucial to understand that you must start the day with the right mindset. The health expert encourages people to find some ways to burn off calories in the morning. She said that you don’t necessarily have to visit your local gym, but you do need move your body and work up a sweat.
Coach Melody brought together women in her community to walk together earlier this year. The goal was to increase physical activity.

“You can stay home and work out, or walk around the mall, just do some kind of physical activity so that you’re burning extra calories,” Coach Melody said.
And just like you would any other day, make sure you eat breakfast and lunch. Nothing too heavy, but something that will sustain you until dinner time. Doing this will make things a lot easier later on when you’re tempted at the dinner table.
“When you’re starving you don’t have any control, you lose it,” she said.
“You need to start the day with the mindset that, okay I’m going to eat me a couple of boiled eggs or some oatmeal, if not, you will have hard time controlling yourself because you will be so hungry.”
When you’re actually ready to grab your plate, remember to aim for small portions. It’s best to eat a little at a time. Coach Melody encourages people to eat a few dishes, but come back in a few hours for something else. You can eat what everyone else is eating, but do it in moderation. You also want to add more vegetables to your plate.
One mistake people make is drinking their calories. Coach Melody says beware of the sodas and juices. It’s better to go with water.
That might not put a smile on your face, but here’s some good news. When it’s dessert time, you don’t have to hide or stick to the granola bars you packed in your bag.
“You can still enjoy your desserts, but like I said before, make it a small portion,” the nutritionist said.
Because the first two to three bites are the most satisfying, Coach Melody said that people should stop there.
Now that you’re equipped with the tips, start getting your mind ready for the big day. The main thing to remember is “moderation.”
For more tips and information check out Coach Melody’s website at Her book can be purchased on Amazon.

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