How to Give Great Christmas Gifts Without Going into Debt

Here we are counting down to Christmas 2023. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As big and bright decorations dazzle our eyes, a slim pocketbook may put a damper on our Christmas shopping plans. 

Here are 10 last-minute tips that may help you this holiday season and beyond:

1. Prioritize Your Loved Ones

While wanting to get everyone a “big ticket item,” this might not be financially feasible or responsible. Focus on those who are a constant presence in your life — immediate family and closest friends. Allocate a set budget for them to show your appreciation.

2. Limit Cost for Children’s Items

Action figures and baby dolls can be pricey. Instead, most kids enjoy simple items, especially smaller kids. Board games, coloring books and craft items are great ideas that provide joy and fun. A shop like or other discount stores offer fantastic options.  

3. Don’t Sleep on DIY Presents

Sometimes, your coworker or neighbor makes it on your “Nice List.” To bring smiles to their faces, you could get a small decorative gift bag and fill it with reasonable trinkets, such as their favorite candy, tea or snack items, with a handwritten note of thanks. See what your local Dollar Tree, Family Dollar or Dollar General has to offer

4. Monitor Usage of Payment Programs 

Buy now, pay later programs are increasingly popular and available to all. While this option may be beneficial, always read the available fine print about stipulations and regulations before using services like Sezzle, Afterpay and Klarna. 

5. Seek Out Last-Minute Deals

The closer Christmas gets, the higher the discount for particular items. Most retailers start selling and offering deeper discounts to profit from the holiday rush. Always check websites like Amazon and Walmart for deals and more, as they constantly update them and have specials. 

6. Gift Cards Are Always Welcome 

While it may be hard to decide on a physical item, a gift card can let that person choose for themselves. Many retailers now offer email gift cards as low as $5. You can save gas and time while avoiding long lines with a mouse click. And just like that, you can have that gift card shipped or emailed.   

7. Which to Choose: Credit Cards or Debit Cards

There is an age-old debate on which spending option is wiser. Debit is a better choice due to instant cash access and no interest. For some, credit allows a more extended payment method while possibly accumulating points/perks/rewards for long-term use. Figure out which option works better for your circumstances.  

8. Let Them Wait (if possible)

Shipping cut-off times for Christmas arrivals may have passed, but that does not make the gift any less valuable. Inform your loved ones of the slight delay. This may provide excitement for receiving something new for the new year should your gift arrive late.   

9. Remembering Small Gestures 

For some, a physical item isn’t that special. Take time to extend a heartfelt call to a relative or friend you haven’t spoken with in a while. If possible, open the door of communication with your attention and catch up on the past with them, sharing jokes and stories. Now, that is truly a gift worth receiving.  

10. Support Local Small Businesses 

While big box retailers get the shine, locally-owned businesses are the backbone of our community. Take a trip to their stores or shop on their websites. Keep in mind that supporting them provides employment and opportunities for the community and beyond. 

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