How America's 'Toughest' Principal Fights For Her Students

Liz Dozier

When CNN’s new eight-episode docuseries “Chicagoland” premiered earlier this month, one thing was clear almost immediately: its brightest-shining star was not who many anticipated it would be.
While Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s face is in the foreground of ads cropping up on the sides of buses, on billboards and in between the cable news channel’s segments, the individual immediately to his left — Liz Dozier, principal of Fenger Academy, a public high school in Chicago’s South Side Roseland neighborhood — has emerged as the show’s most compelling personality.
To describe Dozier’s job as “challenging” would be a massive understatement. Just over two weeks after she took the helm at Fenger in the fall of 2009, the school gained international media coverage when student Derrion Albert was killed by rival gangs of fellow students in a brutal beating captured on cellphone video.
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