Hollywood Shuffle

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The message has been sent out loud and clear over the years,
over the many many years of Hollywood’s exclusions of exceptional
acting by black actors and people of color.
Hollywood with its history of closed door policy and in your face racism.
And black folks have been dumb enough to pay to see themselves
shown as ganster’s, killers, whores, pimps, drug addicts, and slaves proudly whipped by their white masters.
All so they could say we are actors, look at us in this film or that film, all while the world was recording the hate white people had for us and accepting it as truth.
The messages sent out to the world about us is one of a race of violent people.
The continuation of the dangerous black man story told over and over since the days of slavery and the KKK.
And we in our need to be accepted we have allowed our children to view us as these types, as if that was all there was to us.
By the time we have awakened to the monster the media has created about us, we too have embraced the image they painted of us, by supporting their hate in our music videos.
We took to the airwaves calling our women whoe’s, bitches and all types of names that support the views the white media has painted of us.
But this time the message came out of our own mouth.
We have in the process of creating a few rap millionaires damaged our image and solidifyied it around the world for all to see, that we are what they say.
Our swagger on every music video in the 80s and 90s did little to change the minds of the young and the fearful, we were violent and proudly showed our Glock’s and machine guns shooting at one another in the streets while the beat of the music insured that our message of being badd asses was well recorded in the minds of our youth who were proudly creating that same swagger in real life.
Drive by shooting as seen on M-TV supported by the movies, and then in reality with grave results to our own communities.
We have been our own worse advertisements of danger.
And now in the reality of being shut out of the awards again we stand and shout foul.
Foul indeed and we have taken part in that by allowing our images to be portrayed as the lowest in our society for what money and our egos to say that’s me on that silver screen.
How do we go about changing that image is quite simple.
Hire the brightest black directors and the brightest black writers and tell our stories like they tell theirs. We have a thousand wonderful stories hidden by them about the history of our lives, from Kings to inventors .
We need to support our films and stop painting pictures of us as losers and killers and people of little morals.
We have no one to blame for our demise in films but us.
Once they used us up and created this monster, the message was sent out world wide, imprinted into the minds of anyone,and most who looked at black people saw danger.
It will take a life time and maybe more to reverse this image of us, but relying on our worse enemy to do that is like asking the slave master to go a little easier with the whip.
They have learned how to use that whip and it gets the desired attention intended and thats to cast fear.
We need to start at ground zero and close the door on their awards and turn to our own awards.
In the end they will be more meaningful because they come from the heart.
We need to stand up and stop giving our hard earned money to people who simply don’t give a damn about us other than in their pocketbooks.
But this is going to need support from all of us the message needs to be supported by the community starting by shouting the messages from the churches sing it loud and clear like in the days of MLK.
Boycott these very films that leave black actors out of films and black extras, they are the ones in the background and then the behind the camera people.
99.99 % of the support group from all films is white, these facts can be had from the screen actors guild and the directors guild and the makeup guild and the unions that support the hand workers on the films the Crew.
Craft trucks that feed the actors and the crew are mostly if not all white and the handlers of packing the trucks are all white.
These are thousands of jobs a year that minorities are locked out of.
Are you tired of this?                                                                                                                                                          Then stand up and make your voice heard through your boycotting of Hollywood.
They will get it when they see their profits dwindle and see minorities are not accepting their hate.

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