Hoiberg talks Dunn concussion, more minutes for Zach

CHICAGO — Before the Bulls caught their flight to the ATL to kickoff a three game road trip where they’ll face the Hawks, New Orleans Pelicans and Philadelphia 76ers, head coach Fred Hoiberg addressed the media about what to expect.

Kris Dunn Update

Yesterday the Bulls announced that starting point guard Kris Dunn had been diagnosed with a concussion and two dislocated teeth that had to be stabilized with braces after taking a nasty head first fall after a dunk vs the Warriors on Thursday night. Hoiberg says Dunn will not travel on this 3 game road trip and he will be evaluated daily by the Bulls training staff. As far as how long the Bulls will be without Dunn, Hoiberg didn’t have an exact timetable for his return but said he knows the team will take a “cautious” approach. “The thing we’re thankful for is it wasn’t worse. It could have been a major, major injury. Obviously there’s a serious one with the concussion.” he continued, “With the way he fell and hit head first we’re really thankful that he’ll be back hopefully before too long.”

Zach Getting An Increase In Playing Time

Zach LeVine hs been on a 20mins limit in his first three games back from returning from a ACL injury but Hoiberg says expect the team to raise his limit to 24mins a game on this 3 game road trip. “Zach will get a few more minutes on this trip. We’ll try to get him up around 24 and see how he responds. He’ll also start to get some 4th quarter minutes now.”

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