Hillary Clinton with Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell

Hillary Clinton  on Erica Campbel's "Get Up
                         Hillary Clinton  spoke with Erica Campbell on  “Get Up Mornings” radio program

In Case You Missed It: Secretary Hillary Clinton Interviews with Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell


Today, Secretary Hillary Clinton appeared on Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell to encourage listeners to vote. During the interview, he highlighted the progress the nation has made under his leadership and Secretary Clinton’s agenda to move our country forward.

Read the interview here.
HILLARY CLINTON: Hi, this is Hillary Clinton.
ERICA CAMPBELL: Good morning. I have quite possibly the next president of the United States on the line, Secretary Hillary Clinton. Welcome to Get Up! Morning.
HILLARY CLINTON: Oh, thank you so much, Erica. It is great talking to you. And I love your energy – get up in the morning, let’s go. [Laughter.]
ERICA CAMPBELL: Absolutely. We aim to inspire and uplift and motivate people and to inform them about what they should know, and everyone should know that you quite possibly will be the next president of the United States. But I want to ask you, from your start in politics to now, what has been your motivation? What has been pushing you forward to keep going?
HILLARY CLINTON: Erica, I think it’s a combination of the inspiration that I got from my mother and the lessons from her life, which was a very difficult one that she had to overcome a lot of barriers, and she did and became a wonderful mother to me, and then becoming a mother and now becoming a grandmother. That has been the ongoing motivation. I was raised in a family of faith and I am so fortunate to have that backing and that support when things get hard, so I think it comes down to family and faith.
ERICA CAMPBELL: Absolutely, wonderful. What would be your prayer for our country?
HILLARY CLINTON: Well, it would be a prayer and a recitation of the most important commandment: Love thy neighbor as thyself. When I used to teach Sunday school occasionally back in Arkansas, I always liked to teach on that commandment because I used to say, “Jesus was a great psychologist because he knew that it’s hard to love your neighbor if you don’t love yourself.”
HILLARY CLINTON: And we have a lot of work to do in our country to get people to really feel good about who they are and stand up against the negativity and the nonsense that sometimes fills our lives and our politics, and to really work at fulfilling the commandment to love your neighbor no matter who that neighbor is.
ERICA CAMPBELL: Absolutely. Can you tell us what exactly is at stake in this election?
HILLARY CLINTON: I really don’t think there’s ever been an election where the stakes have been higher. We are really fighting this election out over what kind of country we’re going to be, how we’re going to treat each other. I campaigned a lot in the last year about the need for more love and kindness. My vision is that we are stronger together. I want to build on President Obama’s legacy. I want to stand up and repudiate the negative campaign and the dangerous and divisive demagoguery we’ve seen coming from my opponent. I will build on President Obama’s legacy and I want to be a strong partner with everyone, and that includes the African American community, to make investments in communities that have been left out and left behind. And I have a program for $20 billion to tackle the challenge of youth unemployment. I want to give more people a chance to get diverted from the criminal justice system. I want to work with the faith community and community and activist groups to make that happen, and then help more people who’ve paid their debt to society find jobs and housing when they get out.
So I’ve been very consistent in saying we’re going to face the reality of systemic racism, but not in a negative way, but hopefully in a way that brings about people coming together to listen and reach across the lines that divide us.
ERICA CAMPBELL: Secretary Hillary Clinton is on the line with us. She is running for President of the United States of America. Remember Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th and we will be right back with more with Secretary Clinton. I’ll even offer her a word of prayer when we get back.
ERICA CAMPBELL: Secretary Clinton is on the line with us today. Mrs. Clinton, I know many of our listeners are appreciating the fact that you are on with us today. Before you go, I would be honored if you would allow me to say a prayer for you.
HILLARY CLINTON: I would really appreciate that, Erica.
ERICA CAMPBELL: God, I thank You for Hillary Clinton, I thank you for her desire to lead. I thank you for her passion beyond the challenges. I pray for her health, her family, for her desire to help. She has been a lawyer, a philanthropist, an advocate, former First Lady. She won the nomination of this political party God and You have her in the center of Your will, in the palm of Your hand. Give her peace, give her strength, give her resilience, surround her with people that have her best interests at heart. We bond the hand of the enemy that comes to distract and destroy and to pluck out all the great things that she has done. I thank you that you will bless her to continue to move forward. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray, thank God Amen!
ERICA CAMPBELL: I am honored that you have been with us this morning, and my co-host GRIFF has a question for you.
ARLEN GRIFFIN: Secretary Clinton —
ARLEN GRIFFIN: Hey. If they said, “Ms. Clinton, everything you had to do today is cancelled,” what would you do? Netflix, ice cream, movies, which one? [Laughter.]
HILLARY CLINTON: GRIFF, I think I would go for a really long walk because I’ve been doing nothing but sitting and standing for about six months. [Laughter.]
HILLARY CLINTON: And I need to get out and enjoy the beauty of the world around us. That would be my first priority. And maybe what you said too; that sounds good to me. [Laughter.]
ARLEN GRIFFIN: How about that. I’m just happy I made you laugh. I feel good about that.
ERICA CAMPBELL: We will continue to pray for you, to pray for peace, that you are content and handling every trial with poise and with excellence and with character, as you have. And we wish you all the best and we are praying for you.
HILLARY CLINTON: Well, Erica, I will need your prayers not only through this election but I will need your prayers after the election.
HILLARY CLINTON: And I am so grateful to you. I hope that all of your listeners will get off the sidelines, be part of this election. There’s so much at stake and I’m just grateful – grateful for your vision and your view and your faith. Thank you all very much.
ERICA CAMPBELL: You are more than welcome. Have an amazing day.
HILLARY CLINTON: You too. Take care now. Bye-bye.

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