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Christian Bell
Have you seen Christian Bell?

Amid the luxury resort hotels and restaurants that dot the shoreline of Galveston’s year-round tourism lies an uncomfortable truth. This seaside resort nicknamed “Playground of the South” – that caters to the middle class and affluent tourists who generate about three-quarters of a billion in tourism – has a deep dark secret.
“That certain classes just aren’t welcome in a rich beach town and they use and abuse the system to get rid of us,” claims Galveston, Texas, resident Sheila Bell. In 2001, the mother of seven children took her youngest son, who suffered from an asthma attack to the University of Texas Medical Branch for treatment.
Hospital representatives accused the mother of abandoning her son in the hospital and called Children Protective Services who removed all six children from the household stripping her of her parental rights. “I just kept fighting,” she says.
Bell says she won her case in 2003 through “the grace of God” but her children some of whom are adults now were never returned to her custody. She’s seen all of them but one, Christian Bell, and seeks the public’s help to reunite her with her son Christian.
Christian who has been diagnosed with Autism and seen in this photo was last known in 2008 to have been in a facility in Phoenix, AZ, called Aries LLC, according to Ms. Bell. Despite winning her case and petitioning local officials to return her children; a mother’s plea has fallen on deaf ears. “Down here a lot of little towns are taking the children from the poor, low-income and predominately Black families who can’t afford an attorney.”
It’s a business she states, if they don’t have any children in the system they don’t make any money. If you or someone you know may know about the whereabouts of Christian Bell, he is around 20-years-old; contact Sheila Bell at 409.739.8411. Or by mail: Sheila Bell, P.O. Box 1001, Galveston, TX 77553.
Please help Sheila Bell reunite with her son Christian. “I want him to know I haven’t forgotten about him. I need him to know that,” she said.


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