Healing the black man one piece at a time.

Our contributing journalist Amber Marie Green had the opportunity to speak with Sharita who founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Idell-McCarthy Foundation to house her desire to give back to the community and make a difference where she can, as an advocate for mental health awareness & well-being.

Born and raised on the Westside of Chicago, Sharita birthed the Pieces of a Man program that provides a safe, supportive, and engaging space for men to be empowered, honest, speak vulnerably, and explore the many pathways to better mental health and healing amongst other men. The Program consists of a 5 part series that features group therapy style sessions. Men from all walks of life are invited to participate in these insightful & productive conversations to learn REAL, effective, and practical ways to cope with the everyday challenges men face. Each session is guided by respected community leaders and certified professionals who demonstrate care for the health and well-being of men.

As this program is growing at an exponential rate, Sharita expresses what we can do to support Pieces of a Man series growth here in Chicago and eventually nationally. If you find in your heart to give to this important mission, you can do so by either visiting the Idell-McCarthy Foundation website or volunteer services such as legal counseling, accounting services, professional therapy expertise. For those who want to participate in the next series that begin this fall, you and register on the website as well. 

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