Hank Willis Thomas and Spotify Bring 'Clarify' Civil Rights Discussion Series to Chicago

Clarify’s panel discussion on Civil Rights came to Chicago Sept. 27.

Held inside of Hank Willis Thomas’ “For Freedoms” exhibition in Co-Prosperity Sphere, artist Wyatt Gallery, Charlene Caruthers of the Black Youth Project, Cheryl Pope from SAIC, and activist and poet Ayinde Cartman discussed issues surrounding Civil Rights particularly in the wake of omnipresent police brutality and rising gun violence in Chicago. The event was moderated by MIC Senior Writer Jamilah King.
The event was part of a nation-wide series of happenings and art projects leading up to the election called Clarify being presented by Spotify organized by New York-based curator Ken Miller. The series features art projects and panel discussions that address key socio-political issues including police brutality, climate change, student debt, gun control, and the economy.
Trina Reynolds, Tyler Charlene Caruthers, Jamilah King, and Wyatt Gallery / Photo: David Sampson

Photo: David Sampson

Photo: David Sampson

Photo: David Sampson


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