Grassroots Organizations Join Forces for #WeChoose Campaign

Community Activist Jitu Brown address press and media. Photo credit: M.Datcher
Community Activist Jitu Brown address press and media. Photo credit: M.Datcher

On Wednesday, the Journey for Justice Alliance, in partnership with a national coalition representing parents, students, educators and activists, launches the #WeChoose campaign. The campaign, demanding education equity, will combat school privatization on the heels of the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education. Earlier this year, Journey for Justice united with other national education justice networks to form the #WeChoose coalition, representing more than 8 million people. 

Triggered by the recent confirmation of DeVos, the coalition launched the #DumpDevos campaign in January, making thousands of phone calls and sending letters and faxes, forcing a history-making close vote on DeVos’ confirmation as education secretary. 

The #WeChoose campaign will build on local demand for what parents and students across the nation have clearly chosen: an end to school privatization, sustainable, high-quality community schools and an end to harmful zero-tolerance policies. The campaign will also work to stop the attack on Black teachers, eliminate appointed school boards, mayoral control and state takeovers, and eliminate the over-reliance on standardized tests.

“The #WeChoose campaign’s message to elected officials is that you must now pick a side: education equity or the illusion of school choice. We demand equity,” said Jitu Brown, national director of the Journey for Justice Alliance.  

Held at City Hall, the following organizations include Journey for Justice Alliance, Advancement Project, Alliance to Reclaim our Schools (AROS), Annenberg Institute for School Reform, Badass Teacher’s Association, Education Justice Network, Grassroots Education Movement, Institute for Democratic Education in America, and Network for Public Education

The launch will include a briefing by the Grassroots Education Movement (GEM), a Chicago-based coalition advocating for the expansion of sustainable community schools and funding to make schools equitable.




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