‘Gorgeous’ felon Jeremy Meeks sentenced to 2 years in federal prison

The so-called “fine felon” Jeremy Meeks, the Stockton, Calif. career criminal whose blue-eyed mugshot became an international sensation in the summer of 2014, has now been sentenced to prison for more than two years.
Meeks, also known as “Dreamy McMug Shot,” was slammed with a 27-month federal prison bid being a felon in possession of a .45 caliber pistol, tmz.com reports.
Meeks’ chiseled facial features nearly caused an Internet blackout in 2014 after his arrest in Northern Cali for carrying a loaded firearm. Women all over the world drooled over Meeks despite being in and out of prisons for the better part of a decade. Modeling agencies began boxing each other out for positioning to acquire Meeks’ services just in case he got off.
Looks like the modeling agencies and his legion of frantic female fans will have to wait awhile before they see him again.

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