Reveals These Top-Paying Side Hustles for the Holidays

The holiday season means it’s spending season. It’s also when many Americans go into debt buying gifts for loved ones. 

One way to avoid such a debacle is to take up a side hustle for extra income. 

Thankfully, the folks at have compiled a list of the highest-earning side hustles. With the gigs listed below, you can leverage your expertise, shoe collection or willingness to help others to make more bread — just in time for the holidays. 

Moreover, interest in side hustles and gigs is surging nationwide.

Citing Google Trends data, reports that, in the last five years, searches for ‘side hustles’ in the U.S. have surged by 163%, ‘best side hustles’ by 168% and ‘money-making side hustles’ by a substantial 729%. This notable uptick underscores the strong desire of Americans to broaden their knowledge in this area.

Without further adieu, here are a few of the highest-earning side hustles, ones that can even help you replace your regular job income, according to

Online Instructor 

There’s a strong possibility that you have deep expertise in a specific subject area or niche. Yet, there is also a high likelihood that others share that passion and desire to learn more—what better way to meet that demand than by signing up to be an online instructor?

You can pursue this track by making instructional videos that teach others how to excel in that passion or endeavor. Plus, you can do so by earning some extra cheddar.  

You can teach others how to write, create arts and crafts, improve fitness levels or create specific content. 

According to, offering others help in IT, computer or software courses can be lucrative. If you can help people in this area, it’s worth giving it a try.

Average Salary: $21 – $42 per hour  


In this side hustle, you have complete control over your rates, allowing you to increase them as your skills and experience grow.

TaskRabbit connects a network of individuals to handle daily tasks for residents in their community. The great thing is you get to choose which jobs you want to take on. Once you’ve selected a task and been matched, you can set your hourly rate.

Each job requires a minimum commitment of an hour, and all payments are securely processed online, ensuring a smooth and convenient transfer of earnings. This side hustle presents an excellent opportunity to generate supplementary income, and with dedication and strategic rate-setting, it could even evolve into your primary source of earnings.

Average Salary: $40 – $55 per hour  

Renting Out a Space on Airbnb 

We live in a world where human beings are listing half of a bed for rent. Seriously. 

By no means are we recommending doing anything like that. But if you have an unused room in your house or even a piece of unused property, you can create extra income by renting out those spaces to folks who live in expensive, highly competitive housing and rental markets like Chicago. 

If you have the willingness to clean and maintain your property for rent, then you have the potential to earn substantial income through an online housing marketplace like Airbnb.

While opening your living space up to strangers can be scary, states that Airbnb offers damage protection and liability insurance, which ensure coverage in the event of accidents that occur during a guest’s stay. 

Average Salary: $920 per month 

Online Reseller 

Reselling clothes, shoes, jewelry, and home items has become a highly popular side hustle, particularly among individuals ages 18-25, states 

As the online gig economy company notes, becoming an online apparel reseller offers a fantastic opportunity to declutter your space while putting extra cash in your pocket.

Reselling rare and coveted sneakers and clothing items is huge right now.

Platforms like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, Depop, Poshmark, StockX and Vestiaire Collective allow you to buy and sell goods online safely and securely. However, notes that it’s crucial to review each platform’s terms, as some may deduct a percentage of your earnings.

“If you have a good eye for this sort of thing, it can make you a solid amount of money if you know what’s hot on the market. Thrift shops and garage sales are ideal places to stumble across a bargain,” reports

Average Salary: $23 – $50 per hour 


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