Game Changer: White Man Says Mike Brown Had Hands Up When Fatally Shot

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It is a sad and pathetic commentary on interracial relations, but when you have almost all-white grand jury pouring over evidence in a racially explosive trial, the jurors are most likely going put more weight on the direct eyewitness testimony of a another white person.
A Caucasian construction worker, who was in Ferguson, Mo. the day Michael Brown was shot six times and spawned contentious demonstrations between police and protestors, told the media that he definitely saw Brown shot at when his back was turned. The man also said Brown hit in the head the fatal shot when his hands were up. Open-palmed hands raised is the universal signal for surrender.
The white construction worker with with a black coworker at the time gunfire erupted in the middle of the day and they both conveyed shock and horror that an unarmed teenager was shot with his hands raised in the air.
A recently unearthed video shows the contractors, who were near the shooting site in Ferguson, Mo., for work, reacting to 18-year-old Michael Browns death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson about 50 feet away on Aug. 9.
“He had his f—ing hands up,” one man says in the footage, as he holds his hands above his head.
The witness requested that his face be obscured and refused to identify himself except to the police.
One man said he saw the young African-American man’s “brains come out of his head,” reiterating that his “hands were up” in a sign of surrender.
He added that he heard one gunshot, which was followed by another roughly 30 seconds later.
“The cop didn’t say get on the ground. He just kept shooting,” the witness told CNN.
The other construction worker said that Wilson was chasing Brown and shot the unarmed teen while his back was turned.
Neither can pinpoint what sparked the shooting or when or when.
The contractors said they do not live in in Ferguson or know the Brown family. Their account corroborates that of several other witnesses.

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