Funniest Ronda Rousey memes after getting knocked out cold by Holly Holm

Arrogant and egotistical and a shameless opportunist, MMA fighter Ronda Rousey was knocked out cold — as in put to sleep — by overwhelming underdog Holly Holm in the 2nd round in he UFC 193 championship bout.
Social media, of course, sized up Rousey as more of a media creation and a master of marketing and hype than actual skill, and she met her doom (and mat) by a superior boxer in Holm in Australia.
Worse, Rousey seemed to take delight in tearing down bad boy boxer Floyd Mayweather in order to try to build herself up and expand her brand to get record-setting pay-per-view numbers. Very few people defend Mayweather in any capacity, but her relentless denunciations of Money Mayweather finally backfired with one vicious kick to the side of her head, and social media was there to access the damage done to Rousey’s image and career.
Take a look.

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