Funniest jokes about Spokane NAACP president faking being black

SPOKANE, Wash. — The president of this city’s chapter of the NAACP has come under a fierce avalanche of public criticism and scrutiny that has crashed down upon her after her parents outed her as a white woman when she fraudulently spent years masquerading as a black woman.
Rachel Dolezal has reportedly spent years telling people that she was a byproduct of an ethnic stew that included white, black and Native American blood flowing through her veins. But her parents have told the media that their daughter, a professor of Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University and the leader of a police oversight organnization, is a byproduct European ancestry only, with only a possible trace of American Indian flowing through her.
Social media, as you might imagine, had a field day setting a torch to Dolezal. This is far from a funny matter, but some of the Twitter and Instagram responses have been hilarious.
Take a look:

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