Funniest Hulk Hogan memes after firing from WWE for racist rant

Hulk Hogan got body slammed out of the WWE after a stream of scorching-hot racial diatribe came pouring out of the hole in his large head was leaked to the press.
Of course, Hogan bowed and scratched his empty dome while he fumbled out a feeble, fake apology and assured us that this is not his “true character.”11379773_880182638715350_1022361748_n
No worries, we trust you Hulk, about as far as we can throw you across the ring and out the sport that made you famous — along with the millions of dollars you got from African Americans who tuned into your act and attended your insanely profitable appearances across the country.
But now we see your “true character” is as fake as the solar plex you applied to your fake enemies in the wrestling ring. And social media was quick to administer an online beatdown.
Take a look at the most hilarious, albeit sad, memes mocking the “true character” of Hulk Hogan.

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