Snow slams Chicago (video)



by Ben Humley

(CNN) — If you grab a sled in North Dakota Tuesday, you might be able to ride it through the upper Midwest all the way to the nation’s capital. But it would be wiser to avoid road travel for a day or two.

A corridor of winter weather is paving its way across the Ohio Valley, dumping heavy show from Minneapolis and Chicago all the way to the District of Columbia and Baltimore, according to a National Weather Service bulletin Monday.

Blowing snow impaired motorists’ visibility in North Dakota Monday, as plows cleared roads and tow trucks retrieved stranded vehicles. There were no serious injuries in accidents, police said.

The storm sweeps over Chicago Tuesday and is expected to leave 5 to 11 inches of snow, according to the CNN Weather Center. Local hardware stores have put snow blowers, shovels and bags of salt on prominent display.

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