Former R. Kelly Staff Release Sex tapes in Cooperation with Federal Investigation

Kelly was arrested last Thursday by federal agents on 13 new counts of sexual abuse charges. Reports have now surfaced that the 25-page federal indictment sought by the Northern District of Illinois was secured after the recovery of several sex tapes, showing the singer engaged in illegal sexual activity with underage girls.

Gerald Griggs, the attorney for the family of Jocelyn Savage and several other women impacted by the on-going case, reportedly revealed to information to TMZ,  explaining that the tapes were provided to federal agents by several ex-members of R. Kelly’s team provided in cooperation with the federal investigation conducted by the Northern District of Illinois.

Allegedly, former staffers revealed to a grand jury that Kelly often recorded his sexual encounters with young girls and kept them in his personal collection.

The federal indictment, passed down last Includes 6 counts of child pornography: 4 counts for the production of child pornography and 2 for receiving child pornography.  The indictment further details the exact ages of the women at the time the tapes were recorded, confirming that they were, in fact, underage at the time of the sexual encounter with Kelly. Kelly-Indictment-IL

Kelly also faces a separate federal indictment filed by the Eastern District of New York on charges of racketeering, kidnapping, forced labor, etc. Kelly-Indictment-NY


These indictments and massive charge counts collected by the singer since the original filing back in April 2018, covers almost 2 decades of sexual abuse dating back as far as 1999.


As of now, Kelly remains in federal custody, as prosecutors are moving to have the singer held without bail. The singer is expected to appear in front of Grand Jury in Brooklyn on Tuesday.




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