Former NBA, NFL, BOXING Professionals call on Educators and Physicians for a CALL TO ACTION on Youth SPORTS and COVID

Chicago, IL –  Dr. Gregory Primus, former Chicago Bears, Orthopedic Surgeon and owner of CSO Sports Multiplex, along with Former NBA Players Dr. Lloyd   Walton, Kendall Gill, NBA Champion Cliff Levingston of the Chicago Bulls, Boxing Champion Montel Griffin, Todd Prince,   President -Jackie Robinson West Little League and Robert Fletcher—Director of Sports for Olive Harvey College. A Host of other Chicago leaders, educators and coaches will be in attendance for this call to action to discuss Youth Sports during these unprecedented times.

This health center is attached to an 80k square foot sports complex and fitness center. The sports complex is primarily designed for children as a safe haven to engage in sports and recreational activities, allowing for mentorship, social development, and sport activity ranging from basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, soccer, dance, martial arts, boxing, and many other activities.

Dr. Primus and his colleagues are distraught over the lack of services/resources to the black and brown communities during the inception of the COVID-19 crisis, and now the many pre-existing conditions that are being untreated.

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation on health and societal resolutions, this why this press conference is imperative. Economic despair, gun violence and death rates are at an alarming record high, in nearly 20 years.  CSO Multiplex wants to discuss the discovery in trying to provide a safe environment as humanly possible for indoor sports and the struggles that youth face as a whole.

Without wide and mainstream COVID- 19 testing, there is no way to know or understand the real impact and threat of this virus. Given our understanding at CSO Multiplex, we have implemented a mandatory testing requirement to gain access to the sports facility.


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