Following Beyoncé On the Vegan Tip

Now, we have seen the various memes talking about Beyoncé  “with her hand out around tax time” (in reference to getting you all to pay astronomical amounts of guap for tour tickets), or the posts regarding how fake mad folks get when she releases a new project and “didn’t give y’all a heads up” (LOL). However, there is no denying the fact that the woman has a massive following–whether you belong to the “BeyHive” or not. I am personally not a member of the Hive, but I was intrigued when I read an article headline indicating that Beyoncé has encouraged her 112 million followers to go vegan with her.
I like the lady, just not THAT much to make a huge lifestyle switch, but I was certainly intrigued by her choice to take on this challenge while preparing for the infamous “Coachella” (which begins Friday, April 13, and ends Sunday, April 22).
Beyoncé made the announcement to go vegan back on March 2, which marked 44 days until the celebration, and my thoughts instantly centered around one question: Just HOW MANY PEOPLE will follow the vegan lifestyle for a total of 44 days? Or, will this be a total lifestyle switch for some?
I wanted to test my theory so I asked a random woman outside of Starbucks one morning how she felt about Beyoncé’s request of her fans. Random lady says, “I’m not doing it; I like her but I’m not training for Coachella; she is.” I chuckled and kept moving, until I decided that I wanted to ask a man his thoughts.
Random guy responded: “I’m all in, but I was already vegan. For me it’s a lifestyle, not a trend.”
I still didn’t think I had enough information, so I asked a total of eight more people. Five of them were totally against it. Three of them said that they basically live their lives by what the BeyHive is doing, so they were all in, but would go back to their regularly scheduled program after the show was over. The three people who were going to make the switch were also going to the concert when it hits Chicago in August, and another was going to see the show in another city…so I knew what I was dealing with–DIE HARD FANS.
In all seriousness, it’s cool when someone you admire takes a stance on healthy living, and they ask you to join in. With so many artists/actors/actresses in our world, those who are living life to impact positively are a breath of fresh air. Beyoncé is using her influence for good, and that sits well with not only the masses, but with me. Sure, you have hecklers who think that people are sincerely brainwashed by this legendary lady, but even in having hecklers she is doing something right. If everybody likes you? You’re doing something wrong.
Listen, if there is anything that propels you forward in living a healthier life, I say go for it! I do, however, believe that you should consult with your physician and plan accordingly prior to making a total lifestyle switch. Make sure that you are going about this change in the right way and in the way that best fits your body and digestive system. We definitely rock with Bey; we also rock with what works for self. Stay healthy, my friends!


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