Five Socially Distant Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

The second Sunday in May is a day reserved for honoring the mother or mother figure in one’s life. Church services are packed, restaurants are booked, and spa services have been reserved, all in the name of celebrating Mother’s Day. However, due to the current pandemic, all of the aforementioned ideas, along with countless others, have been canceled. Just because some of the traditional celebratory activities have been put on hold, does not mean you cannot still celebrate Mother’s Day.

From virtual dinners to special deliveries to video chats, here are five different ways to give mom the perfect Mother’s Day:

Virtual Dinner:  For those who look forward to their yearly Mother’s Day meal, this is the perfect way to have a family dinner. Video chatting apps, such as FaceTime, House Party, Zoom, and Skype, make it possible to break bread with family. Want to make it feel like you’re all in the same place together? Find a background of your choice and send it to all who will be participating in the family dinner, upload it to Zoom, then select the “Virtual Background” feature. Looking to add some fun? Play a few games on House Party. Just tap the dice at the top of the app and select a game for the entire family to enjoy.

Netflix Party:  Just because the entire country is under quarantine, it does not mean that movie nights are canceled. What better way to enjoy an after-dinner movie with mom than to host a Netflix Party! Using the Chrome browser, go to From there, follow the instructions, send out the invite and enjoy!

In-Home Spa Experience:  If your plans for a Mother’s Day spa outing have been canceled, send mom all of the must-have spa items to create a luxurious spa experience right at home. Make It Classy, an Indianapolis based, black-owned skin and hair care, company makes products to not only enhance beauty but add that special touch to your weekly self-care routine. From DIY kits to ready-made items to Mother’s Day bundles, Make It Classy has everything you need to provide mom with the ultimate pamper party, without having to leave the house. For more information and to purchase your mom her very own box of pampering essentials, please visit them at

Mother’s Day Parade:  Due to social distancing, people have been forced to step outside of the box when it comes to celebrating the special person in your life. One of the many ways has been parades. From birthdays to any other celebratory event, a parade is a great way to gather your mom’s closest friends and family and let her know how much she means to you. Decorate your cars, tell mom what time to stand outside, and drive-by with hand-made signs and gifts to shower mom on her special day.

Virtual Wine Tasting:  For the mother who’s a wine enthusiast, or just looking to expand her wine pallet, a virtual wine tasting is perfect. Love Cork Screw, a Chicago based company that not only sells a variety of wine, candles, and body butter, now hosts virtual wine tastings. Tastings include three bottles of wine sent to your door, along with the opportunity to connect with fellow wine lovers. Visit for more information and to purchase your virtual tasting.

Adjusting to this “new normal” has disrupted our everyday living, including how we celebrate one another. But thanks to advances in technology, a little creativity, and extra preparation, we can still give the mom’s in our lives the perfect day that she deserves. Happy Mother’s Day!


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