Fight or Fold: A Creed III Exclusive Interview

By: Arika Linton

It’s giving…charm, skill and above all five stars! Spoiler alert ladies, there are tons of chest and body shots that make you lean into the movie that much more. These black men are beautiful and you’re sure to swoon in any fight scene. There’s something to be said about star power, quality acting and a great screenplay that makes a film top tier. Creed III is no exception. From start to finish, the captivating plot between Jordan and Majors’ characters keep viewers on the edge of their seats. However, the real star is Amara Creed, portrayed by Mila Davis-Kent who plays the daughter of Bianca and Adonis. “It was important to me to showcase the beauty of the father daughter dynamic, it’s not often shown enough on screen. I’ve been blessed to have dynamic men in my life that have daughters and to witness first hand how they honor those relationships. For me, as we were developing this story of Adonis it just made sense that he would have a daughter to pass that wisdom, knowledge and game down.” Jordan adds.


For those completely living under a rock, Creed III is the ninth installment of the Rocky series which began in 1976 starring Sylvester Stallone. Adonis “Donnie” Creed, portrayed by Michael B. Jordan is the son of beloved heavyweight boxing champion, Apollo Creed. Throughout the latter Creed trilogy, Donnie is adopted by Mary-Anne (Apollo’s widow) and raised with the privilege and advantage of training to create his own success and legacy as a heavyweight boxing champion.


Majors, who portrays Damian Anderson, holds his own in comparison to Jordan who is the star of the film. The two, though frenemies, have great on-camera synergy that allows you to witness the struggle for survival, respect and loyalty through the male lens. Jordan states, “The bond of brotherhood is layered. Being your brother’s keeper does not mean that it’s going to be roses and sunshine. It takes accountability, forgiveness and communication.” Majors adds, “Another aspect is that the storyline of this film explores the identity of two men from two different angles. The impact lies where avoidance cannot exist. The jealousy, envy and rage makes the fight personal. The most interesting part is in the coming together of these two male characters; there is no attacking until there is.”


I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to highlight the support and inclusivity of the female voice in this film. Not only is Creed’s character raised, loved and protected by black women it is indicative of Jordan’s personal life. Jordan adds, “For me, I was not checking off a diversity box when seeking representation for women in sports for this film. I just wanted to be truthful to what my reality was and that is simply, I am trained by a woman when I’m boxing and working out. I have strong women in my life and wanted to show the world what’s real for me.”


Another spoiler alert, in my opinion, the future of Creed is definitely female.

There is so much beauty in the layers of Creed III. Majors added, the biggest takeaway of this film is “The try and lack of quit. As long as there’s an underlying mentality that it’s never too late to accomplish one’s goals you will forever be positioned for greatness. There’s never enough social pressure that can outweigh a black man and his will power. It is a beautiful thing to witness the journey of one’s drive to self-actualization.” For Jordan who also celebrates the success of a new movie and his feature directorial debut he states his biggest takeaway is “The need to see characters on the screen that rise from the ashes. When we see champions on screen we are prone to apply that to our everyday lives.”

Creed III hits theaters Friday, March 3rd and I assure you will not be disappointed. The depth, brotherhood, joy and pain in this film are worthy of all the applause and recognition. This one is the real deal.

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