Ferguson’s Darren Wilson Says He Did Nothing Wrong and Would Do it Again

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Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson says he did nothing wrong when he discharged his firearm multiple times into the body of unarmed black teen Michael Brown. Moreover, the exiled officer who has been holed up in a secret location under protective custody, was glad the St. Louis County Grand Jury’s felt the same way when it exonerated him of all five charges, according to ABC News.
Interviewing with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, also at a secret location, the day after the verdict was delivered before the nation, inciting demonstrations and riots in Ferguson and other cities around the country, Wilson said he has a clear conscience over killing Brown, and he’d do it again if the same scenario presented itself.
He did, however, said he feels bad about the preventable loss of life.
Wilson reiterated what the St. Louis County prosecutor said in his press conference on Monday evening, that Brown reached into Wilson’s patrol car and attempted to grab his gun after being ordered off the street, injuring Wilson during the violent altercation. Lastly, Wilson said Brown then charged Wilson which is when he began to pump Brown full of holes
Wilson told Stephanopoulos that race was irrelevant as factor into his decision to fire the fatal shots that took Brown’s life. Instead it was Brown’s decision to move against Wilson aggressively and continuously that sealed his own fate.
Stephanopoulos’ interview airs Tuesday on ABC’s World News Tonight.

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