Federal Prosecutor Tries A Radical Tactic In The Drug War: Not Throwing People In Prison

In the video, Joey Lee Pyatt Jr. is standing shirtless in a dingy kitchen, a blue bandana tied around his neck. The door and floor are covered with sheets of clear plastic, and two young women, one in a white string bikini, the other in black lingerie, measure white powder on a digital scale and sort it into plastic baggies.
“Baggin’ up a thousand grams,” Pyatt raps into the camera, playing the role of proud drug lord.
In another scene, the aspiring rapper shows off the proceeds of his illicit business, standing in front of the Huckabee Heights housing project in Conway, S.C., as a man next to him nonchalantly tosses dollar bills in the air.
“Welcome to Conway,” a sign along the highway reads in another shot.
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