Father beats teacher with baseball bat after inappropriate texts to his daughter

It was infuriating enough for the parents of a Baltimore high school student that her teacher was sending inappropriate text messages to their daughter.
But it was quite another level when that same teacher showed up at the family’s home the very next day after the parents discovered the text messages — and the teacher refused to leave the the house. That’s when the father blacked out and responded with violence.
The Perry Hall High School Teacher, 42, came to the parents home to speak with the daughter, but his efforts were rebuffed and the father told the teacher to disappear. He refused and plead with the father to talk to his daughter.
The father must have saw red because he grabbed the nearest destructive instrument, a baseball bat, and used it to persuade the teacher to leave, striking the teacher and causing minor injuries.
The student’s mother called Baltimore police and when they arrived, the parents showed them the texts, which were unique for a teacher and student to be engaged in.
Police said an officer of the White Marsh Precinct read over dozens of texts that “described an emotional relationship that seemed inappropriate for a teacher and student,” according to a release from the Baltimore County Police Department. The girl’s mother alerted police to the texts at about 3 a.m. at the precinct.
Baltimore police declined to release the names of the teacher nor the family involved in this fracas.
The teacher did not file charges against the father for assault — and why would he?!? — but the teacher’s behavior is being investigated by the Baltimore Police Department’s Crimes Against Children Unit.
Meanwhile, the teacher should feel lucky that he escaped the father’s home with just minor injuries.
Thus far in the investigation, there is no evidence that there was any sexual relations between the teacher and the student.
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