Fashion Brand Hanifa uses Instagram as The Great Equalizer

The COVID-19 pandemic caught the fashion industry off guard.  However, Congolese born fashion designer Anifa Mvuemba’s 3-D vision allowed her to pivot quickly pass all the social distancing limitations.  The 29-year-old Maryland resident and founder of the Hanifa band released her Pink Label Congo collection on Instagram live, and the internet has been buzzing since.

The contemporary ready-to-wear women’s line is known for featuring vibrant colors along with bold fabric selections.  Many of our celebrity favorites such as Lizzo, Kelly Rowland, Cardi B, and Angela Simmons can be seen wearing the Hanifa band’s regal looks.  The fashion-forward brand had plans for a digital show long before the stay-at-home orders were in place.Fashion fans were given front-row access to the groundbreaking 3D digital fashion show.   “We know that some people may never experience a fashion week or Hanifa showcase, so we wanted to show up for our audience where they show up for us on a daily basis, said Mvuemba.

With sales predicted to be down by millions, the focus has been on retail stores; however, many designers are feeling the economic pressure more than ever.  The pandemic has fundamentally altered consumer behavior and enterprise operations, making digital adoption and transformation a necessity,” said Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group.  Mvuemba said she was feeling conflicted that creating and sharing a new collection online would be insensitive while people were facing very difficult realities.  We are glad she stepped away from those thoughts because Hanifa’s innovative 3D Digital Fashion Show changed the game.

The designer selected Instagram as her platform to display all the detail and delicacy of the clothes of her latest collection.  The “Pink Label Capsule Collection” fashion show began with Mvuemba often paying tribute to her home country with a documentary.  It showcased multiple reports from media organizations about the current mining conditions in Congo and the dangers of including children in the process. The fashions started coming down the digital runway on 3D models with every piece telling a story.  Mvuemba said she wanted to pay homage to all African seamstresses with her work, not just those from Congo.  Mvuemba said she was so intentional about everything she did with this collection.  Shortly after the show, screen recordings quickly went viral making their way to all other social media platforms.

The brand has also opened their fashions to the plus-size community.  The eight-piece capsule collection is available from XS and extending to 2XL.  With 2020 being their first real deep dive into plus sizing, the jury is still out on the fit.  This virtual fashion show with three-dimensional silhouettes set a new standard in how designers showcase their latest works.

The Pink Label Capsule collection’s ships on Congo’s Independence Day; June 30th.  Explore the Hanifa brand at

LaToya Wright is a lifestyle writer in Chicago. Find her on social media at @thefatgirloffashion.

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